You can obtain a residence permit as a family member if you are:

  • spouse
  • registered partner
  • permanent domestic partner
  • children under 18

Please complete the following steps:

Complete the MF1 application form below
Send the following documents to
A copy of all pages of your travel passport, including the cover
A copy of the marriage certificate (a birth certificate for a child). It must be translated into English and notarized
A copy of the signed power of attorney
Each document shall be submitted as a specific pdf file.
Visa fee is DKK 2.880,- (as per 1/1-2024)

Please note!
You are not allowed to work until you have received the permit. If you plan to work with your spouse in the same job, you have to submit a special work permit application. For this purpose, please also fill out the AR1 application form.

The application form shall be filled out in English only!

Please fill in only the information that you know. If there is some information that you don't know, please indicate "-"
Marital status
Do you have children?
Details of the family member that you intend to reunite with by applying for the visa
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