From you (applicant), the person applying for the visa:

Copy of passport (all pages, including blank pages and cover)
Copy of diploma(s) with translation into English
Copy of marriage certificate with translation into English/Danish
Copy of document confirming the level of Danish language (DU1, DU2, DU3, FVU)
Copy of document confirming the level of English language (if applicable)
Copies of work contracts for the last 5 years, confirming 3 years of work within the last 5 years

From the main applicant, who has permanent/citizenship status in Denmark:

Copy of passport (all pages, including cover)
Copy of purchase/rental agreement for housing
Copy of DU-3/9-10 grade/hf, stx certificate
Copy of document confirming that you have studied in Denmark for a minimum of 6 years (if applicable)
Copies of work contracts for the last 5 years
Copy of document confirming completion of medborgerskabsprøven (if applicable)
Copy of certificate proving active participation in Danish society over the past year (involvement in governing bodies of public organizations or institutions, if applicable)
Each document must be a separate PDF file.
The visa fee is 8,575 DKK (as of 2024).
If you have an active work visa or an accompanying visa, you are only allowed to work in Denmark until the expiration date of your current visa. After this date and/or if you do not have another visa in Denmark, you DO NOT have the right to work in Denmark until your case is processed by the Danish Immigration Service.
Family Reunification Application Form
This form is to be filled out exclusively in English!
Fill in only the information you know. If you are unsure or do not know, simply enter "-".

Applicant information

the person applying for a visa
Were you previously married?
Is the child in Denmark?
Does the child attend childcare facilities (babysitter, nursery, kindergarten)?
Did you continue your education after school?
Employment Information
Are you currently employed?
Work Experience Information
Have you worked for 3 years in the last 5 years for at least 30 hours per week?
Have you ever been a member of any military or civilian organization, or participated in the leadership of such organizations?
Information about residence in Denmark
Have you lived outside Denmark or another country for more than 6 months?
Do you have a residence permit in that country?
Information about the Danish language
Have you passed DU2?
Have you passed DU3?
Were you previously married?
Do you have children from another marriage?
Do you wish to provide information about a child from another marriage in this application?
Does the child live with you?
Does the child attend school or kindergarten in Denmark?
Do you work?
Is your position on the Positive List of Professions?
Did you attend primary school in Denmark?
Have you obtained or are you currently obtaining education in Denmark?
Have you passed DU-3?
Have you received social assistance from the state in Denmark in the last 3 years?
Housing Information
Do you live in your own accommodation?
Do you rent accommodation?
Do you have debts to the state?
Have you been criminally charged with violent behavior towards your child/spouse or children?
Do you have an income of 319,738.75 kr per year for the last two years?
Have you passed medborgerskabsprøven test?
Have you actively participated in Danish society in the last year
(participation in the leadership of public organizations, institutions)
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