Please complete the following steps:

Complete the AR3/AR7 application form below
Send the following documents to
A copy of all pages of your travel passport, including the cover
A copy of the completed and signed powers of attorney. One power of attorney is to be filled out by you, the other by your employe
A copy of your educational documents if you have not already submitted them to the immigration office (a copy and a notarized translation). This can be one of the documents listed below.

The above is referred to one of the following documents:

Diploma of completion of a suitable industry-specific education
The certificate confirming that you are still a student
Certificate of Expulsion, if you have been expelled from an educational institution
Each document shall be submitted as a specific pdf file
Visa fee is 4.405 Danish Kr. (as for 2022)

Please note!
You are entitled to work while you are waiting for your visa.

The application form shall be filled out in English only!

Please fill in only the information that you know. If there is some information that you don't know, please indicate "-"

Maiden surname or another surname used by you previously
Country of birth
Date of birth
CPR number
Person ID ( indicated in your visa)
Marital status
Do you have children?
Phone number
Travel passport number
Expiry date of the travel passport
Date of entry to Denmark (if you are in Denmark)
Expiry date of the current visa
Full address in your country
Employer's information
Employers first and last name
Employers full address
Does your contract have an end date?
The service fees will be paid by
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